I have lost 44 pounds and replaced it with confidence, energy, and strength. I used to define myself as a migraineur who couldn’t exercise for fear of triggering a headache. Now I define myself as a strength athlete whose headaches are an occasional part of life, but not enough to hold me back for long.


Co- Owner and Coach Stacey



I talked with Stacey about what I was eating and she suggested I try eating Paleo. She told me to try it for a month and so I did and now I have chosen to make eating Paleo a lifestyle. I have lost a little over 25 lbs. and feel so good. I have a lot more energy and my most favorite thing is that I can fit in my skinny jeans and I look good in them. Thank you God for the ability to do Strength & Conditioning and thank you No Limit for the opportunity to look and feel my best!



The Workouts on daily basis are different, challenging and fun. You are never to get bored and are always ready to see what goals can be achieved. Coaches push you to your maximum potential and beyond. They are always their to guide you for your everyday lifestyle. When your in doubt, they are available to answer your questions or concerns. This becomes your home away from home. Everyday you want to come back. I have met my "other family." Where they truly become your family. I have met great people and have made friends since starting No Limit Strength & Conditioning.



The first three months went by quickly and the 1 on 1 training really worked, but I was not done yet. Soon I moved into the group training and my group became my friends and family. That's what I have enjoyed the most at No Limit and NLSC the family atmosphere and the willingness to help. They know it's not easy making a decision to come and actually make changes. It will be 2 years for me in April and I have lost 50 pounds. Much more than that I have gained confidence and another home and family. Thank you for helping me create my own transformation.



In CrossFit you will find that we train for the most important sport, the sport of life.

Our vision has always been to change how people view fitness and provide an avenue for everyone to be successful in fitness! Whether you are a child or 100 we have a workout that you can do! We are very passionate about fitness and nutrition and wake up every day eager to share and spread our passion!

Our facilities contain Rogue Equipment as well as plenty of space to lift, Squat, Run and Ring use. You will not find machines in our locations; you are the machine that powers your workouts making them that more effective.

In CrossFit you will find that we train for the most important sport, the sport of life! Being fit and healthy only enhances and makes life an enjoyable one. Everything we do in our workouts help you become the best version you can be. You will become stronger, faster and better than you ever have before.


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CrossFit provides the right workout for anyone. By design CrossFit is accessible to any and everyone. Each workout combines the best principles of various training methods all into one power packed and results driven workout. Whether you are in law enforcement or a grandmother who wants to get in better shape, CrossFit is the right choice for you.

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Stacey Frank

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

Nutrition Specialist with Emphasis in Flexible Dieting and Paleo Nutrition

Hi my name is Stacey, I am a Co-Owner of NLSC CrossFit.

Max Melchor

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

Personal Trainer

Hello, my name is Max and I am Co Owner of No Limit Strength & Conditioning & NLSC Crossfit. I grew up playing sports as a kid and that propelled me to continue a lifestyle in the fitness world. I started learning how to train myself as well as others over 13 years ago.

Mitchell Houle

Head Coach

Paleo Nutrition Specialist

What I love most about CrossFit is that it has a community aspect unlike any other sport on Earth, it’s always challenging, it’s a very broad sport that covers a wide range of obstacles, and it’s easily adaptable for every single person.

James Ridge

Personal Trainer

I have been an ISSA certified personal trainer for 8 years. I have worked with a wide spectrum of clients from top athletes to people in need of motor skills recovery.

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